A simple way to a better world

Educational Constitution Three Core Commitment


Eco-Kingdoms Citizenship Program

A simple way to a better world

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Brief Introduction

Eco-Kingdoms seeks to recruit as many citizens as possible: to promote its Educational Constitution worldwide in an effort to change the world for the better

In return for their support, we offer our active citizens Tropical Holidays in Magical Belize, and EVEN a half acre of Green Building Reserve on which to build a holiday or retirement home of the future. 

We aim to populate Eco-Kingdoms with an on-line community of citizens willing to accept and promote the THREE SYMBIOSIS COMMITMENTS embedded in our Educational Constitution: in a drive to provide a better world for children everywhere as they grow and learn:

Magical Belize Vacation

6 Day Magical Belize Vacation

The 6 Day Magical Belize tour activities include 5 of the most popular traveler attractions in Belize:  tubing through a marvelous cave branch system and zip-lining through the pristine tropical rainforest canopy; cruising the New River from Orange Walk to the Ancient Mayan City of Lamanai; undertaking the awesome Actun Tunichil Muknal Underground Caving Expedition to discover the Crystal Mayan Maiden and the calcite encrusted remains of another thirteen human beings, which have lain undisturbed, deep in those caves, since the ninth century. snorkeling over the coral reef at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark/Ray Alley

Travel to Belize

   Proximity: About 2 hours flight from Houston, or Miami, you are not far from home

 Easy Communication and comprehension: English is the official language. No need to spend some of your time getting up to speed in the language.

   Tropical Environment Squarely located in the tropics, Belize offers a tropical environment that is distinctly different from anything existing in North America. You will experience unfamiliar flora, fauna, agriculture, foods and a number of distinctly different ethnic cultures in North America

    Peaceful & politically Stable: You will find that almost everyone is helpful, friendly, and glad that you are here. 

   Making a Difference : by holidaying in Belize you will be helping to preserve the wonderful eco-systems which make Belize unique; and at the same time you will be helping us promoting Tropical Eco-sustainability Experience.

Choose Your Reason

To Stay With Us

Hotel Room

Guests Comments

Date: June 30th, 2008

 “I loved staying here!!  It was awesome.  I hope to come back.”  Manon (aged 9) (French family)

 “Loved staying here!!  Perfect – nice people, good meals, feels like home.  The eco-village is a must-see in Belize, a great example of how it should be done all over the world.  Keep it up until next time. And A+ for Alfredo Le Magnifique!”  Stephane (French family from San Diego)

“Incredible people and wonderful food.  You can’t find better.”  Benedicte

Merci pour ces quelques jours de vacances dans votre lieu de paix.  Merci tous pour votre attention, votre gentillesse, et bonne continuation dans votre projet.  Bonne chance, et peut -etre une autre fois.” 

Angeline Tournier (France)

First Night Belize Package



Single Room

100 /pp

Double Room

70  /pp

Triple Room

60  /pp

Quad Room

55  /pp

5 Day  Belize Inland Vacation

7 Days Belize Sea & Land

 Vacation Packages

 Airport Round way Transfer

Underground Expedition (ATM Tour)

Hol Chan Marine Reserve & Snorkel

Manatee Watching & Snorkel

Rainforest Walk & Cave Tubing

New River Cruise & Lamanai Maya Ruin

Eco-Village Tour

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Snorkeling Hol Chan Belize

Caribbean Holiday Vacation

Manatee Watching

Manatee Watching

Lamanai Maya Ruin

Cave Tubing

ATM (Crystal Maiden Cave)

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM)

One of the highlights for the more active is our tour to Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM for short “Cave of the Stone Sepulcher”) . An Expedition underground to find the Crystal Mayan Maiden, this cave was featured in the National Geographic Explorer film Journey through the Underworld (1993).

You will bounce over some rough road to get to the start, then trek through some steamy jungle for up to an hour, fording the river 3 times (the water may be up to your knees, or even higher) to get to the mouth of the cave.  Then you swim in (there is no other way) and make your way past stalactites and stalagmites to crystallized human remains from Mayan rituals more than a thousand years ago.  This is an awesome trip which is arguably not for the faint-hearted; that is why we run a more sedate option on the same day!  some of your family member may choose to spend time exploring Mayan, Mennonite and Mestizo population centers with their different cultural overtones instead


A simple way to a better world


Belize Airport Hotel

Hotel Room

Belize Inland 3 Night Experience US $199



3 Nights Double Occupancy

3 Nights Double Occupancy

6 Meals

8 meals

Eco-Village Tour

Eco-Village Tour

Option Tours

Airport Transfer/City Terminal


New River Cruise


Lamanai Maya Ruin


Zip Line


Cave Tubing

following attractions are easily accessible

  • Zip lining and Cave tubing at Jaguar Paw 40 minutes

  • New River, the starting point for our river cruise and the ancient Mayan city of Lamanai         50 minutes

  • The terminal for the water taxi to Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye and the snorkeling in Shark/Ray Alley and at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve on the Barrier Reef 25 minutes 

  • The highway junction in the village of Teakettle (starting point for the awesome ATM Tour (Underground Expedition to the Cave of the Crystal Maiden) 45 minutes

  • The Belize Zoo and the Baboon Sanctuary 20 minutes

  • The International Airport 20 minutes


Delicious Food

Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian Food

Eco Museum

Museum of Tropical Treasure

Belize Adventure

Living Museum of Tropical Savannah Eco-System

Art Museum
Museum of Artistry

Guests Comment

Date: June 7th , 2008

Excellent Facility; the food + service was top notch.

Naisha & Bill Johns USA


Tours and meals were above expectations. Good luck with further development of your Eco-Village

Kim & Kathy Mahu USA


Everything was great loved people/workers. Tours great, food fabulous

Suggestion: Continue working hard on your Eco-Vision

Philip & Karen Boucher USA


   : Fabulous food/ people were wonderful. Tours were interesting. Loved the music with our meals

Eileen & Bruce Gebhard USA

June 12 2008

Delicious food. Generous and kind hosts, very informative tours of Eco-Village. Good location, close to Mayan Ruins, Cave tubing & zip line. Very helpful in informing about great tours in the area.


June 26 2008

Orchid Garden is a beautiful, peaceful oasis. Excellent food great service

and hospitality. Christine would do anything and everything for us! Thanks

Suggestions: I don’t think you could do anything better. Thanks again. We will be back  Kevin & Ropin Barber Minnesota USA


Thank you for all the ways you blessed us during our stay!

Suggestions: It is beautiful here everyone is so nice! I love it here. Thank you!

Patti Eckhoff Minnesota USA


Laura, Katie, Carrie and Riza Tantay Minnesota USA

The servise was amazing!

uggestions: Wonderful food! Thanks for taking care of us!

Laura, Katie, Carrie and Riza Tantay Minnesota USA